5 Mantras for Creating a Positive Self

Mantras for Living a Positive Life

Have you noticed increased negative self talk lately?

It’s a real struggle to have a positive self image in this day and age. So how can you improve the way you look, think and talk about yourself?

Well, daily mantras are a great place to start because they’re easy to use and effective.

What makes mantras different from affirmations is that they’re often used to help you power through something or to remind yourself of what you’re working on. An affirmation (at least to me) is more of a positive thought you’re trying to drill into your head.

Both have their place and work for certain people.

Here are 5 mantras for you to use throughout the day to start your positive self-journey:

1. I am MORE than enough.

No doubt, you’ve heard the mantra “I am enough,” right? Well, I want you to know that this is BS! You, lovely, are so much MORE than enough.

The idea of being “enough” really rifles my imaginary feathers. “Enough” is adequate, minimal and less than. You are so much more.

Don’t settle for being adequate; believe you are MORE than enough.

2. The only opinion or values that matter are my own.

This is one I still get caught up on and it’s so vitally important. Does the opinion of the store clerk really matter to you? Does it really matter if they (silently) judge you for buying ice cream?


Does it matter that your best friend values watching TV over reading? How does that affect your life?

It doesn’t. You read when you want because you value it.

Don’t let others’ opinions or values impact your life, goals or beliefs.

3. I think before I react.

This mantra is wrapped up in mindfulness and the idea of being aware of your thoughts. It often comes into play when dealing with a negative person, a high-stress situation, or even if you just didn’t sleep well and feel grumpy.

If someone says something and you automatically want to yell or lash out, take a moment and think before you react.

This makes you aware of your thought patterns and how a negative reaction could create harm.

4. I am exactly where I need to be in my life right now.

Oh, yes, you are, lovely. I’m not exactly sure I believe that everything happens for a reason, but you might.

I do believe that all the struggles I’ve gone through in my past have made it possible to be the woman, mother and business owner I am today. So that means that what I’m doing now, even if it’s not exactly where I want to be in the end, is what I need to do.

5. I deserve to have a good and successful life.

What does the word “deserve” mean to you? You see, everyone deserves to be happy, including you.

A “good” and “successful” life is completely up to you and what you want. Those words are too subjective and mean vastly different things to each of us. But if you go through life believing you deserve your dreams, you’ll be more likely to achieve them.

These are just a few ideas for mantras to improve your self and start feeling positive. These may not change your whole world, but they are a beautiful and easy place to start.

Tell me: What’s your favorite mantra to help focus on your positive self?


As a Wellness Mentor and Guide, Kendra Kantor wants to live in a world where mental and emotional wellness and self-care is a top priority. She is a stay-at-home mama to her 2-year-old and splits her days between running her business and playing with her rambunctious boy.

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