The Power of Mind Over Matter in Any Circumstance

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with a disease called Lupus. I had no idea what it was and what that meant for my future.

Who knew that a simple spider bite would soon lead to a major discovery about my health? As years went on, my health worsened and my doctors told me to file for disability at the age of 22. Of course, me being me, I said “no.” I knew I was too young to be on disability and I wasn’t going to let any disease or anyone stop me from living life.

I didn’t want to take meds that made me feel like a zombie and just ‘covered up’ the pain. So, I rebelled. I did not file for disability nor did I take a lot of my medicines. This caused lots of stress and turmoil between me, my doctors and my mother. My doctor even threatened to drop me as a patient at one point because I wouldn’t follow his recommendations.

Years went on with me still not taking many of my prescribed meds and working not only one but two jobs. According to my doctor, at the rate that I was going, I would be in a wheelchair by 25 and dead by 30.

Scary, right?

I am not going to lie, when I first heard that, I did panic and wondered if I was bringing this all on myself. For some people, when they hear things like that, they immediately stop believing in their own strength and do what their care providers recommend. For me, I needed time to really think and meditate on those words.

Yes, I know doctors are here for a reason and that it is their job to look out for the best interest of their patients. On the other hand, another person telling me that just didn’t sit well with me. The stubbornness in me wanted to prove them all wrong. I wasn’t going to allow another human set the timeline for my life and have control over how I lived it. I wanted more out of life, and I knew it wasn’t going to end on account of the doctors telling me so.

Some called me stubborn and others called me stupid. Not everyone will see or understand your vision and that is okay. We all have a purpose and when you know you have something special to say and share with the world, you don’t stop until you do just that.

Today, I am 32. I am not in a wheelchair and, obviously, not dead (that would be pretty weird with me writing this, right?). The deadlines they gave me have passed and I am setting new goals.

By choosing to be healthy, I manifested the life they thought I wouldn’t have. I chose to live my life as a healthy person would and do the things that healthy people do. I created a vision board just for my health. I meditated, read, did lots of visualizing and never ACCEPTED the fact that I was sick. This not only works with your health, but also in business or anything else you put this practice to.

To those of you who are struggling with an autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, or whatever it may be, know that you are not alone. Not everyone suffering looks like what they are going through, and you can change your outcome if you change your mindset.

I am LIVING proof.


Tiffany Allen is an Alabama-based body-confidence coach and the creator of Thoughts Become Outfits and Local Girl Bosses. Tiffany teaches women how to love and accept themselves for who they are, right now.

Tiffany was inspired to help women after losing her father and recovering from a bad depression after a breakup. When the alcohol and Xanax wore off, she was confronted with the reality of facing herself. After feeling numb and helpless for so long, she decided to take her situation and turn it into something positive and inspiring. Through her own story and struggles, she inspires women to know their worth and love themselves for who they are.

Tiffany’s witty, vulnerable and stylish approach has attracted hundreds of women around the world to attend her events and workshops. Through her law of attraction coaching, she helps women manifest the self-love we all need.


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