A Simple Exercise for Manifesting More Money

For some reason, many people feel uptight about making money.

They have a library of negative stories sitting inside their head.

In fact, I can still hear my mother’s voice from when I was growing up …

“Don’t you get above your raising, Leigh!”

She thinks that if you make money, you are somehow bad. Or you’re greedy … you view yourself as better than others.

To this day, she believes I’m “doing the Devil’s work.” So, of course, we didn’t have any money growing up.

The fact is, making money is a good thing.

You see, if you’re struggling and you don’t know where your next dime is coming from, you can’t help others. You can’t even help yourself or provide for your basic needs.

For some reason, though, many people — especially those in communities of heart-centered entrepreneurs — feel guilty about making money.

However, I want you to start thinking about how many more people you can reach when you make more money.

In fact, what’s your “why” — why do you want to make more money?

You see, once you have your reason, you can start creating the vibration for bringing about this outcome. Because this allows you to start thinking about all the ways money can come to you.

When you’re in a place of not having enough money, you spend so much time thinking about how much you’re struggling.

This is the vibration you put out. As a result, you create more struggle.

So we need to start focusing on the opposite.

Begin creating your list now.

Again, what are all the ways that money can come to you?

The bottom line is, you must stop yourself from thinking you can’t make money.

After all, if you’re complaining about money and you’re not even trying to make more, then you’re responsible for that situation.

So create your list today and start putting your ideas into action.

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